The Fort Worth Composite Squadron
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Director of Administration 

Administrative Officer - 2d Lt. Wendy Smith

Asst. Administrative Officer - 2d Lt. Candy Corbin
                                              TFO Bailey Gann
                                              2d Lt. Joshua Bouldin
                                              Maj. Robert Martin


Contact -


  1. Update Squadron Reports Due
  2. Update Squadron Calendar
  3. Implements, manages, and directs administrative services activities
  4. Implement administrative policies and procedures
  5. Control correspondence (including messages)
  6. Prepare and authenticate administrative authorizations
  7. Prepare Squadron publications and forms
    Director of Personnel 
    Personnel Officer - 2d Lt. Wendy Smith
    Asst. Personnel Officer - 2d Lt. Candy Corbin
                                             Maj Robert Martin
                                             2d Lt. Joshua Bouldin
                                             TFO Bailey Gann 



    Manages and administers the CAP personnel program and associated administrative procedures to include

  8. Membership records and applications
  9. Organizational actions (charters, deactivations, etc.)
  10. Appointments
  11. Promotions and demotions
  12. Awards and decorations
  13. Duty assignments
  14. Transfers
  15. Retirements
  16. Membership terminations/nonrenewals

For squadron approval of documentation, please email the completed form to for approval and a member of the Administrative/Personnel team will process it.

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