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Professional Development 

Education and Training Officer - Maj. Robert Martin

Asst. Education & Training Officer - SM Crystal Norton
                                                         2d Lt. Wendy Smith 


Manages and directs the CAP professional development program. They shall:

  • Create a positive unit training environment where CAP’s adult members can develop their required skills in a comfortable, professional atmosphere.
  • Instruct the Level I Foundations Course to ensure that all new adult members receive a thorough orientation and have adequately assimilated into the unit.
  • Make adult members aware of training material and opportunities available to them through CAP and other sources to prepare them to perform operational missions, staff assignments, and other assigned duties.
  • Encourage and assist the adult members in taking advantage of all appropriate training.
  • Help ensure that CAP provides the best quality training with sufficient availability to support CAP's programs.
  • Apply all directives applicable to professional development programs as necessary.
  • Comprehend the structure of the CAP professional development program and its component programs, activities, and events. Ensure quick and easy access to applicable forms, directives, and instructions.
  • Maintain a unit training library.
  • Assist unit members in the proper completion and processing of forms if needed.
  • Maintain unit training records regarding professional development activities.
  • Assure proper test administration and security for the unit’s adult members.
  • Correctly prepare documentation in support of training awards for the commander’s review.
  • Submit applications for awards, ensure they are processed in a timely fashion and presented appropriately
  • Coordinate member training accomplishments with other members of the staff.
  • Mentor PD officers at subordinate units if applicable.

The professional development officer should be familiar with CAPP 204, CAPR 50-17, and other directives in the 35, 39, 50, 52, 200, 280, and 900 series.


Q. How do I apply for a specialty track?

A. All requests to enroll, update and approve a member’s specialty track rating are now made online through eServices. Access to this restricted application is tied to duty assignment and the associated web permissions. Unit professional development officers, personnel officers, administrative officers, vice commanders, and commanders may request updates to their member’s specialty track assignments and ratings. On the eServices webpage, in the right-hand column---Restricted Applications---go to “Specialty Track” at the bottom. Select the member, specialty track, rating (None, Technician, Senior, Master), and date completed. Once submitted, the request is sent to the member’s commander to be approved or disapproved in Commander’s Corner.


Q. How long does it take for SLS or CLC to appear in eServices?

A. The course director has 14 days to submit CAPF 11 (Director’s Report) to NHQ/DP. Often, this is done within a week. Once NHQ/DP receives the report, it usually only takes a day or two for them to enter the names into eServices.



CAP University

Civil Air Patrol's primary professional development outlet, CAP University serves to facilitate members' needs for basic, intermediate, and advanced education via an online-based learning system.

Website here:

CAP Online Testing 

Civil Air Patrol's online testing center for specialty tracks and specialized training.

Available in eServices: (login required).

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