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Q. How do I get involved as an Emergency Services Responder?
A. Become GES qualified by completing your Level 1 or Curry Award (Cadet)

Q. How do I log into eServices?
A. Follow this CAP eServices. On the front page, go to "click here to register".

Q. Where do I find my qualifications in eServices?
A. Log into CAP eServices, on the left side find "My Operations Qualifications". Look through the section under "Emergency Services".

Q. How do I navigate the Eservices Qualification process?
A. Please review this National Headquarters website General Emergency Services Training Materials and review the General Emergency Services Slides.

Q. How do I receive notifications of emergency service opportunities?
A. All members are registered at the start of the month for our alerting system. If there is an AFRCC mission request or the Group VI commander declares a response, you will receive an automated email with contact information if you are available.



NHQ - eServices Ops Quals

NHQ - Emergency Services

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