The Fort Worth Composite Squadron
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Squadron Historian - 1st Lt. Eric Erwin
Asst. Historian - 2d Lt. Joshua Bouldin


Ref: CAPP 223, Historian Specialty Track Study Guide

The historian assists the commander on all squadron-level historical matters, including recommending policies and procedures relating to the historical function and the preservation and promotion of the squadron’s history.

The squadron historian will:

  1. Create or edit the unit’s collections policy for the acquisition, organization, preservation, disposition and use of documents and artifacts that have historical merit.
  2. Work with other squadron staff to collect documents, newsletters, photographs, etc., that they have created and distributed.
  3. Collect, organize, preserve and label items of historical significance collected by your unit, according to the guidelines presented in CAP directives. These items may include: documents, uniform(s) and or insignia, objects and equipment, photographs, video, audio recordings, electronic media, reports to legislative and other government bodies and major reports such as SUI and SAR/DR evaluations (if released by a competent authority).
  4. Maintain an appropriate place to store unit archives and artifacts that is safe from pilferage, fire, dampness and excessive heat.
  5. Conduct and document oral history interviews of local members, as directed in CAPP 6.
  6. Prepare the annual squadron history. This should be written to the standards outlined in CAPP 5 and CAPR 210-1. A copy should be filed with your unit records, distributed to the unit commander, and forwarded to the group historian and the California Wing Historian.
  7. Share and promote your unit’s accomplishments and heritage with squadron members, through presentations, newsletter articles, bulletin board displays, etc.
  8. Work with your unit webmaster to make a unit history webpage featuring your unit history, photographs, downloads, and other information highlighting the heritage of your unit.
  9. Inform the general public about CAP history, through presentations, newspaper articles, displays, etc.).
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