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Level 1: Onboarding

Welcome to Civil Air Patrol!  You have just joined one of the most prestigious volunteer organizations in the country, offering nearly limitless possibilities and opportunities.

The Level I, or Onboarding, is the first of CAP's five Education and Training Program levels. The materials in Level I provide the new senior member with the information required to participate actively in CAP. To complete this level, complete the Level I Onboarding modules with the help of your Professional Development Officer (PDO)/Education and Training Officer (ETO) as outlined below (in accordance with CAPR 40-1). Should you have any questions about what you are learning in Level I please do not hesitate to talk to your mentor, unit PDO/ETO, or unit Commander.

NEW MEMBERS:As a new member in the Civil Air Patrol, the first thing you should do is meet with your PDO/ETO and Commander to lay out a plan of action for your career in CAP. Your next task is to complete the Level I: Onboarding modules. In the Onboarding modules, you will gain a breadth of knowledge that will serve you well as you begin your journey. Your PDO/ETO will be your mentor as you proceed through the modules. Onboarding is located within eServices under CAP’s online learning management system AXIS. If you have a question, don't hesitate to contact your PDO/ETO or commander.

The Next Step:

Talk with your mentor or commander to explore Level II Education and Training opportunities that will assist you as you advance as a CAP member. You should also become familiar with the governing regulation on Education and Training, CAPR 40-1.

Review the Customs and Courtesies Pamphlet if you have any questions concerning courtesies: Customs and Courtesies Pamphlet

Review this page to see the different Specialty Tracks available. You can go directly to the online listing at: Specialty TracksChoose a Specialty

Link to Level I Module Summary Sheet

Link to Level I Content Module Files


Still have questions? Contact the Level I Chairs!

Level I Onsite Chair: 1st Lt Nicholas Brandow

Level I Online Chair: Lt Col Judith Hewett

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