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Level II: The Learning Phase

Welcome to Level II!  Now that you've completed Level I, you are ready for Level II. 


The materials in Level II focus on developing a competent member who can participate actively at the squadron or flight level.   In Level II, the member chooses one of four specialized paths tailored to meet the needs of new members, professionals who will receive an advanced promotion, former cadets, and current or former military members.  This level is divided into two parts.

To complete this level and earn the Benjamin O. Davis, Jr. Award, you will need to take Part I and Part II of Level II:

The first part provides a broad understanding of basic CAP skills such as uniform wear, customs and courtesies, the chain of command, and responsibilities.  Completion of the first part of Level II is required prior to promotion/appointment to any senior member grade.  The second part of Level II introduces unit functions as well as leadership and management training.

You will also

1. Choose a Specialty and earn a Technician's rating in that specialty.

2.  Choose a duty position.  Getting a job to help your squadron. CAP has over 2 dozen jobs squadrons have to accomplish its mission.

3. Level II Modules: The Learning Phase. The Level II modules discuss all you need to know to be an effective CAP Senior Member, from wearing the uniform and basic drill to leading volunteers and leveraging diversity and inclusion.

These modules can be completed online asynchronously or in person. For members wanting an in person like experience virtually, Volunteer University has created a Virtual In Residence Program, where members can complete modules with a VolU Instructor live via zoom or other similar software. To see what courses are available, visit the Virtual In-Residence ProgramIf you have any questions about the Virtual In Residence program, email them at

4. Earn the Brig Gen Charles E. "Chuck" Yeager Award

This award recognizes successful completion of the Yeager test portion of the Aerospace Education Program for Senior Members (AEPSM). The test may be completed online and the member’s record will automatically be updated reflecting completion of the AEPSM. If the online process is not used, the wing/region director of aerospace education certifies completion of the AEPSM on a CAP Form 127, Monthly Certification Report, and forwards it to CAP/DPR.  The Yeager test is based on the Aerospace: Journey of Flight 2nd edition which can be found on eServices under "AE Download and Resources". The Yeager test can be found on AXIS through the Learning Management System in eServices.


Link to Level 2 Module Summary Sheet

Link to Level 2 Module Content Files


Still have questions? Contact the Level 2 Chairs! 

Level 2 Onsite Chair: Capt Brenda Morrissey

Level 2 Online Chair:Lt Col Linda Poland

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