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Level III: The Leadership Phase

Welcome to Level III !  Now that you've completed Level II, you are prepared for Level III.  Level III focuses on developing the squadron level leader who aspires to serve on staff or as a commander.

To complete this level and earn the Grover C. Loening Award and the Loening ribbon, you will become senior rated in a specialty track, attend two major conferences, serve in a staff or command assignment for at least one year, mentor a member through Level I, and complete the Level III modules. See CAPR 40-1 for details on these requirements.

Should you have any questions about what you are learning in Level III please do not hesitate to talk to your mentor, unit Professional Development Officer (PDO)/Education and Training Officer (ETO), or unit Commander.


1. Become Senior Rated in a Specialty

Becoming a craftsperson in your job. Obtain a senior rating in a specialty track. Successful completion of the senior rating in a specialty track results in award of the Bronze Star for the Leadership Award ribbon (CAPR 39-3). Request authorization through your PDO/ETO to your unit commander. Once approved, you may then purchase the ribbon bronze star device from Vanguard.

2. Attend two Major Conferences 

Collaborative Learning. Attend two wing, region, or national conferences. These conferences afford CAP members a broad view of the CAP corporation’s organization and expose them to the issues confronting CAP. Attendance at a region/wing aerospace education conference can also be credited for one conference attendance. Conferences attended prior to entry into Level III count toward fulfillment of this requirement.

3. Level III Modules: Squadron Level Leadership. The Level III modules discuss how to lead at the squadron level whether you serve on staff or as a commander.  Topics include Advanced Communications, Decision Making, Problem Solving, and Leadership. 

These modules can be completed online asynchronously or in person. For members wanting an in person like experience virtually, Volunteer University has created a Virtual In Residence Program, where members can complete modules with a VolU Instructor live via zoom or other similar software. To see what courses are available, check out the Virtual In Residence ProgramIf you have any questions about the Virtual In Residence program, email them at

4.  Mentor a member through Level I.  Mentoring is an important aspect of leadership and has a positive impact on both participants.  Members in this level will help a new member complete Level I.

5.  One year of service on staff at any level.


Link to Level 3 Module Summary Sheet

Link to Level 3 Module Content Files

Link to Squadron Command Module Content Files


Still have questions? Contact the Level 3 Chairs! 

Level 3 Onsite Chair: Maj James McLaughlin

Level 3 Online Chair: Capt Kristin Walukas

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