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Open House and New Member Intake


In Civil Air Patrol, cadets focus on Emergency Services, Aerospace Education, Safety, Character Development, Leadership, and Fitness. As they learn about these areas, they advance through a series of achievement levels, earning honors and increased responsibilities along the way. Civil Air Patrol has been an integral start for many astronauts, pilots, engineers, and scientists. Home-schooled cadets can even earn high school credits for their work in the program.

The open house events are a  great opportunity for people who are interested in aviation or community service to learn more about the Civil Air Patrol and what it offers. During the event, attendees will have the chance to meet with current members of the Fort Worth Composite Squadron and learn more about their experiences in the Civil Air Patrol. They will also have the opportunity to participate in various activities, including a tour of the squadron headquarters, a demonstration of the squadron's search and rescue equipment, and a briefing on the Civil Air Patrol's emergency services and aerospace education programs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do we have to bring for the open house? Is there a formal dress code, do we need to bring any sort of documentation with us?

For the open house, there is no formal dress code specified. However, it's advisable to dress in neat and presentable attire, as open houses are often opportunities to make a positive impression. You are not required to bring any specific documentation with you unless otherwise specified. If you have received any instructions regarding documentation or specific items to bring, make sure to follow those guidelines. Otherwise, feel free to attend the open house with an open mind and any questions you may have about the organization.

Will there be any food or refreshments available?

Unfortunately, we will not be able to have any type of food inside the museum. We are grateful to the Fort Worth Aviation Museum for allowing us to use their facility to host our squadron meetings, and we try to avoid having food inside the museum.


We are ready to sign our child up today! How do we do that?

Congratulations! The adult staff at the activity will be able to assist you with that, but our current standard is that we approve membership after three meeting visits. This is accomplished during the Great Start Program. During the third meeting, the cadets membership will be activated and the parents and cadet will receive an additional welcome email from both the national organization, and our squadron.


What sort of materials can we get at this open house? What sort of handouts will our children receive?

All members will be given a Civil Air Patrol fact sheet with the most up to date information as possible, including an information sheet about our squadron specifically. Potential cadets will also be able to receive specialized information from current active cadets about the opportunities within the organization. During the Great Start Program, new cadets will put together what we call their Flight Plan and write down what they want to accomplish within their first year in Civil Air Patrol.

Our family does not have a lot of money, how can we get our child into this program?

We understand that every persons financial situation is different and ever changing. If you are interested in enrolling your child in the program, but don't have the funds to sign them up please reach out to the squadron commander at the open house and we can see what options are available.


Where do we get the uniforms for our child?

Currently our uniform for cadets is the United States Air Force Airman Battle Uniform (ABU for short). During the Great Start Program, cadets will not be required to have a full uniform set. We will outfit the cadets with what we have in our storage and logistics with uniform pieces. After the cadet completes the Great Start Program and earns their Curry Achievement, they will receive an email with a $100-$150 uniform voucher from Vanguard Military. We recommend connecting with the Army Navy Warehouse or Omaha's Surplus for the ABU or Air Force Blues service dress. If these places, and our own logistics storage does not have it, Vanguard will have it. 


I am over the age of 18 and interested in joining. What are my next steps?

Feel free to meet with any adult member of our squadron and we will get you squared away on your next steps in joining our organization. We do required three meetings attendance prior to paperwork submission, and we highly suggest participating in the Great Start Program even as adults. During this time, we will get your paperwork squared away and will do your FBI background check finger printing on location and will mail your application in.


My child has signed up and is participating in the Great Start Program. What will be taught during these four weeks and who will be teaching?

Your cadet will be taught by qualified and trained instructional cadre, both senior cadets and adult members, in all aspects of cadet life within Civil Air Patrol. The standard course curriculum is as follows:
1. PT base line testing, not graded
2. Wingman Course and the Welcome to Civil Air Patrol and History course
3. Introduction to customs and courtesies
4. Class on Followership
5. Introduction to the Chain of Command and Responsibilities
6. Uniform Wear.
7. How to Access eServices and the learning environment.
8. Squadron email account set up and creation
9. Basic Field Safety
10. The Cadet Oath
11. Map of Civil Air Patrol's Texas Wing
12. Aircraft Ground Handling
13. Introductory Radio Communications Training
14. Cyber and STEM program.
15. Drill and Ceremonies
16. Promotion Ceremonies
17. Individualized Flight Plans

At the end of the Great Start Program, cadets will have earned their first promotion to Cadet Airman, General Emergency Services qualification, Aircraft Ground Handling, and the Introductory Radio Communication training.


We already planned a family event during the Open House, but we are still extremely interested in participating. How do we get in on this without waiting for another opportunity? What if we miss a Great Start Meeting, will that impact our cadets membership?

We completely understand! Feel free to email us at and we will catch you up to speed.

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