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Orientation Flight Preparation

Cadet Orientation Flight Requirements

Powered Aircraft "O" Flights


MINIMUM Required Training:

  • Aircraft Ground Handling Course

Log into eServices at

In the left-side menu, select:  Online Learning

In the pop-up menu, select:  Learning Management System

At the top of the page, click "Go To AXIS"

Under the "Course Catelog" tab, locate "Aircraft Ground Handling Training" Complete the training.

*  This course MUST be renewed every 2 years. If you have previously completed this course, MAKE SURE IT WILL NOT EXPIRE PRIOR TO THE SCHEDULED FLIGHT DAY. If it will expire, re-do the course.

1.)  Cadet must be under age 18. (Cadets over 18 may participate in aircrew training under ES training. Speak to the unit ES Officer for requirements.)

2.) CAP Uniform of the Day (UOD), as directed in communications leading up to the scheduled flight day.

3.)  CAPID If you have not received your hard-copy ID, you may print one from eServices.

4.)  An unexpired certification in eServices:  Aircraft Ground Handling Training

5.)  CAPF 60-80

6.)  CAPF 160

7.)  CAPF 161

8.)  Snacks and Water, also recommend Chewing Gum

9.)  Sunglasses (the sun is a lot brighter when flying)

10.)  Sunscreen

11.)  Lunch and Snack Money (as directed)

12.)  Camera (recommended, not required)  

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