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Adult Leaders


Cadet Programs Officers, or CPOs, make up the Cadre which serve the squadron's Cadet Detachment to provide adult supervision and mentoring of cadets as they engage in the learning environment. 

Our Cadre members receive specialized training which focuses on the fundamentals of working with teenagers in the dynamic youth development system that is the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program. This training provides the Cadre with the resources and techniques necessary to manage the various challenges that are faced when working with teens, which include disciplinary issues, motivational problems, learning disabilities, lack of physical performance, special accommodations, and other focus items that may come with the experience of managing cadet training programs.


"Adult Leaders" versus "Adult Members"

Civil Air Patrol employs the term adult leaders to identify individuals over the age of 18 years who are specifically qualified and authorized to serve as trainers and supervisors of cadets. 

This serves as a distinction between adult members, which is a category of persons who may be cadets over the age of 18 but under 21 years. While all cadets over the age of 18 must complete CAP's Cadet Protection Program (CPP) training course, cadets receive a lesser level of scrutiny that the adult leaders working with them. 


Compliance Elements & Background Screening

Adult Leaders:

All adult leaders must be at least 18 years of age and authorized to work in the United States. 

All adult applicants must undergo a Criminal History Records Check through the Federal Bureau of Investigation to conduct a screening of the applicant's criminal background through fingerprinting. 

All adult leaders must undergo initial and periodic CAP Cadet Protection Program (CPP) training to review CAP policies and protocols which prevent emotional, physical, and sexual abuse of cadet members. Recurrent training is conducted at a minimum of once per 48 months; however, the unit encourages members to refresh this training annually and participate when new adult leaders receive training. Adult leaders who fail to complete initial or recurrent training may not work with cadets without being under the supervision of a CPP-qualified adult leader. Failure to complete training may result in membership suspension/termination. 

Cadets Over 18 Years of Age:

Cadets over the age of 18 years must complete CPP training before being eligible to earn promotions and/or advance through the CAP Cadet Program. Cadets who do not complete CPP training and are over the age of 18 years are not prohibited from participating in CAP activities. 

Cadets are eligible to complete CPP training upon their 17th birthday. 

Adult leaders frequently use discretion in placing cadets over and under the age of 18 years in common billet (housing) arrangements in respect to sleeping quarters and hygiene facilities. 

All Cadets:

All cadets must complete CPP training under CAP's Cadet Wingman Course, a classroom-based approach to introducing new cadets to the CAP Core Values, safety concepts, and cadet protection protocols. The course is completed as part of the unit's Basic Cadet Training program for new cadet members. 


Training for Cadet Programs Officers

Each of our Cadre members receives CAP's Training Leaders of Cadets course which provides a fundamental insight into the program elements and best practices within the CAP Cadet Program. 

TLC Basic provides an introduction into the key traits of cadet life, cadet promotion processes, and the management of squadron meetings and cadet activities. 

TLC Intermediate provides education in the principles of leadership methods, youth feedback and mentoring, discipline, and parental partnerships which make the program effective at CAP activities as well as at home. 

Either of the TLC courses must be taken every 48 months to maintain currency, and squadron Cadre members often serve as instructors in TLC courses offered throughout CAP. 


Cadet Sponsor Members

Cadet Sponsor Members, or CSMs, are individuals who are parents, grandparents, or legal guardians of cadets (to include foster parents) who also serve as adult leaders in CAP. 

Unlike Cadet Programs Officers, CSMs complete a lesser extent of specialized training in the management of cadet activities and serve in a capacity comparable to an activity chaperon or support specialist, providing additional assistance to CPOs to help implement activity plans and provide adult leader supervision. 

Like all adult leaders in CAP, Cadet Sponsor Members must complete initial and recurrent Cadet Protection Program training. 

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