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Leadership: Drill & Ceremonies

Drill and ceremonies as a tool for leadership development. Drill is a skill that teaches all the elements of followership – immediate response to orders, attention to detail, compliance with specific directions, and the importance of teamwork.


1. Determine the Drill & Ceremonies Achievement Test required for your next promotion.

2. Use CAPT 78-2, Learn To Lead: Drill & Ceremonies Test Manual, to look up your Drill Test Score Sheet.

3. Review the Drill Test Score Sheet so you know what you are required to learn and perform for your test.

**NOTE: The Wright Brothers Milestone Drill Test Score Sheet is not available until IMMEDIATELY after completion of the online proctored Leadership exam. The Proctor ensures that upon completion of the exam, the Drill Test Score Sheet is printed and the Drill Test is given in accordance with the Score Sheet. This test in a comprehensive assessment of the Drill Tests required for Achievements 1 thru 3.

4. Study the maneuvers you are responsible for learning in CAPP 60-33, Civil Air Patrol Drill and Ceremonies Pamphlet.

5. Practice the maneuvers multiple times ensuring you know each command and the drill maneuver associated with the command, and are able to successfully complete the maneuver as cleanly and as crisply as possible.

6. If you need assistance, ask for help from your Cadet Leaders.

7. Use the Drill Videos pages on this website to assist you while practicing at home.

Drill resources are listed in the right-side menu (bottom of the page on mobile devices).


When you are ready to take your drill test, you MUST use your Squadron's established procedures to officially request a Drill Test.   

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