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Ground Ops Resources

National Emergency Services Academy (NESA)

NESA is the NATIONAL site that is the primary resource for Emergency Services training information.

The following link will take you to the NESA Ground Search and Rescue main page.

Information on this page includes:

Communications Program

Specialty Qualification Training Record (SQTR) Resources


SQTR’S are the forms that track what is needed for each Operations training position. You can use these forms on the field training exercises to document on paper the items that you qualified in. This is needed because the SET (Skills Examiner Trainer) has to sign off at the time of the training. You can then bring the paper back and enter the information into E-Services at your convenience. CLICK HERE TO ACCESS SQTR Resources. eServices login is required.

To navigating to your personal Specialty Qualifications Training Record (SQTR):

– Login to eServices at:

– Click “Operations” from the left-side menu

– Click “Operations Qualifications” from the pop-up menu

– Click “Entry/View Worksheet” under Emergency Services from the left-side menu

– Enter your CAP ID in the main screen and click the search icon

– Under “Functional Area” drop-down, select “OPS-Emergency_Services”

– Under “Achievement” drop-down, select “MS – Mission Scanner”

— Your “SQTR Entry / Worksheet” will automatically load.

Ground Team Search and Rescue Documents

GSAR Packing List
Ground & Urban Team Task Guide
GTL & GTM Reference Guide
Air to Ground Coordination
Intro to Canine SAR Teams
Continuing Education
Critical Incident Stress
Electronic Direction Finding
ES Legal Issues
Field Expedient Direction Finding
Field Hygiene & Sanitation
Ground Team Equipment
Heat & Cold Injuries or Emergencies
Helicopter Operations
Interviewing Techniques
Knots & Ropes
Land Survival
Line Search Techniques
Land Navigation for GTL
Land Navigation for GTM
Missing Person Characteristics
Natural Hazards
Night Navigation
Operational Risk Management
SAR is an Emergency
Site Security & Rescue Operations Theory
Introduction to Search Management
Starting a Search Team
SAR Responsibilities & Team Activation
Technology in Emergency Services
Topographic Maps
Introduction to Man Tracking
Vehicle Inspection & Clearance
Ground Vehicle Search Techniques
Prosecuting 406 Beacons
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